Our Mission

Grow Wealth Group is dedicated to bringing you the very best knowledge and results-driven practical strategies about real estate, business, as well as wealth accumulation and preservation, to help you turn your dreams and visions into success.

Through the coaching, digital content, and events we offer, you will be inspired to take control of your financial future. We provide a step-by-step plan for you to achieve the wealth and lifestyle you choose to live.

We truly believe that each one of us has it within us to improve our lives to get more of what we want.  Leaving a legacy is not just a concept but a combination of success and effort.  Let us serve you with unwavering commitment and make sure you get there faster.

Real Estate Coach

Meet Aysha Turgut Founder and CEO

“Bringing together my passions: education, real estate and entrepreneurship.”

I have always had a passion for learning and sharing that knowledge with the world.  I am a former university professor who is from the South but fell in love with and moved to New York City right after getting my undergraduate degree in economics from Emory University. The high energy achievement-oriented culture of Manhattan—where people turn their visions into success regardless of what it takes—has shaped me into who I am, and how I lead my life in the pursuit of excellence.

I began investing in real estate while still in graduate school. I jumped right in alone and took the first step, but I had to work very hard through the problems that came my way. Ultimately, by surrounding myself with the right people who were more successful than I was, I became the successful entrepreneur that I am today, owning properties internationally.

I am delighted to be able to take everything that has worked for me, and show my clients exactly what I did. Through my company and as your coach, I am committed to helping you create an extraordinary life through improved financial success.


Showing You The Steps To Success

Earn more, Work less. Get back your time so you can spend it on the things you really value.

Real Estate Coach

Client Quotes

"Aysha gave me the confidence and understanding to unlock the potential for success in myself. She taught me where to start looking in real estate, how to analyze a deal, and how to turn those opportunities into sustainable income."

JK Rosewood

Darian, CT

"Aysha's practical business advice and strategy was incredibly valuable. She helped to finally get my ideas out of my head and gave me structure to get organized; I now have a plan to move forward."

Courtney Travin

Manhattan, NY

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