My First Deal or Million

Real Estate Investing For Beginners



Yes, real estate may be on fire in many markets around the country, but what you don’t know is what kind of properties are selling well. The answer is that beautifully-dressed-up properties and brand-new construction are leading the way. Distressed properties and those in need of work are not moving. That is where our opportunities are today.

Soon the government and banks will stop their helping handouts, and people will be selling their properties to access cash, which means GREAT DEALS FOR YOU AND ME!

The question is, will you sit on the sidelines like so many did in 2008-2010?  Those who didn’t then have already created generational wealth.

BUT . . .

The real estate game has changed, and it’s not like it was in February 2020. You will need to be careful and selective, and whether you want to do your first deal or 50 deals a year, the secret is you have to treat each one like a business.

See, most people who call themselves real estate investors bounce around from one deal to another. And yes, they do make money; however, if you don’t adopt a proper business approach from the start, you end up working harder, not smarter, and IN your business, not ON your business.

And if this feels like you’re powerless and have no control, well, you’re right! If you don’t have the right systems and plans in place, right again!

Why? Because even if you are making money using the one strategy method most real estate investors use, you still aren’t reaching your peak potential financially and in life.

A “good enough” real estate investor is never the goal.

You aren’t here to invest in real estate because you want to be “good enough.”
You’re here because you want:


Reaching your highest potential financially and creating that generational wealth for you and your family.


More time on your hands to do the things you love, like spending it with your family and friends.

Respect and Authority

To be seen as a credible leader in the investment and business world, as well as among your friends and family.


Having options and being able to choose how you live
in terms of what gives you satisfaction, happiness, and a sense of purpose.

Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Then let's focus on our new flagship program - My First Deal or Million:

This is a comprehensive 10-week online course for beginners with no or little knowledge (starting over) who want to take the guesswork out of real estate investing and create real and lasting monetary results for themselves, one property deal at a time.

What will I learn?

In addition to learning the most effective results-driven strategies to finding and investing in real estate, you will learn how to develop a business that will continually generate revenue for you, allowing you to create instant short-term wealth AND long-term generational wealth.

You will have all the educational tools you need in one place, from easily understandable and engaging training videos to downloadable activity worksheets and scripts, all accessible 24/7 in the comfort of your home to get you started in finding and closing your first deal the right way.

Join our new flagship program, My First Deal or Million.

As a Signature Flagship Member, you will get full access to My First Deal or Million Real Estate Investing for Beginners course, an invitation to join our private Facebook group, as well as instant online student community support within the course platform.

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We are giving you the exact little-known strategies that millionaires and billionaires use starting from your first deal!

When you get onboard with our flagship program, you will gain access to:

My First Deal or Million Course

Never second-guess yourself and achieve results faster.

Our 10-module comprehensive course covers everything you need to find and close deals successfully; whether it's your first deal or your first million, the strategies are the same.

In addition, members will have access to the following:

Our Private Facebook Group

Get the support you need and feed into the entrepreneurial spirit from fellow members who are “doing” real estate for the first time, like you.

Office Hours with Aysha Turgut, CEO and Founder of Grow Wealth Group

You get to ask one question on a 10-minute phone call during your first month enrolled while you are going through the course.

Our Platform Member Community

Hop on for a live chat with other members enrolled in the course.

Here is your special learning CURRICULUM:

Module 1

Assess your Investor DNA

Determine your investment needs.

Assess your risk tolerance.

Examine and understand your current financial situation.

Understand why and how to assess the current market.

Recognize the important role of systems and learn how they can be applied to your own business practice.

Module 2

Build a Team

Learn who the key players are to have on your team.

Know what to look for, the mistakes to avoid, and the specific questions you should be asking when recruiting team members.

Module 3

Create a Personal and Business Brand

Know what you need to do to get noticed and stand out as a new investor.

Understand what a personal and business brand is, why you need both, and how they work together.

Learn how to best position your brand.

Define your Unique Selling Proposition and create your brand identity.

Learn simple strategies to raise your brand’s awareness.

Module 4

Learn from Experience

Gain knowledge on the major steps you should take to work smarter, not harder.

Module 5

Learn from Action

Reinforce your understanding by going out in the field and “practicing” real estate.

Learn what initial steps you need to start doing so you can get focused and start gaining momentum while getting your feet wet.

Module 6


Find out the best places to network as a real estate investor.

Develop a quick pitch for approaching people.

Learn winning networking strategies.

Module 7

The Anatomy of the Deal

Understand the basic steps involved in doing a deal.

Learn what neighborhood criteria to evaluate when finding and choosing an investment property.

Be able to distinguish between different neighborhood types.

Grasp what role redevelopment areas can play in your investment strategy and understand the opportunity that lies within them.

Determine the different property types to choose from.

Understand seller motivation and grasp the vital importance it plays in price negotiation.

Learn which marketing strategies to put in place to generate property leads.

Learn exactly what to do to properly analyze a property deal and the due diligence involved in your evaluation.

Gain working knowledge and master what numbers you should be running during your property analysis.

Module 8

The Anatomy of the Deal

Discover all the external funding sources available for you to finance your deals.

Be able to evaluate the differences between each funding type and know how to tap into and apply it to your property deals.

Know where and how to market yourself online on the back end of your deal.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the main exit strategies. Learn the proper practical steps you need to take to navigate through each one.

Module 9

Asset and Tax Management

Learn proven tax strategies to grow and keep your earnings.

Module 10

Grow and Move Toward Bigger Deals

Understand risk/reward between larger deals and longer sales cycles.

Gain practical guidance on moving toward your second deal and beyond.

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