We all know how easy it can be to drift away from our business and personal goals.  But in order to succeed in today’s rapidly changing digital and learning-based economy, we must strive to stay relevant and continually reinvent ourselves in order to not get left behind.   We are seeing more and more people break out of their traditional nine to five jobs to create a life of personal fulfillment and options for themselves. They do this through an entrepreneurial lifestyle that takes full advantage of both the digital work-from-anywhere world we are now live in and traditional revenue streams.

We all must reinvent ourselves in order to thrive.  The most successful people rely on this principle to come out on top of the vision they have for their future selves and businesses.  This is especially true for entrepreneurs: if you don’t understand today’s market trends so you can quickly adapt, and create a dimension to your business that is not only relevant to now but a little different from your competition, your customers will see you as outdated.  You may even become obsolete.  Constant advancements in technology and the very nature in which work is being done, require us to embrace lifelong learning with the most up-to-date information.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet and interview uber-talented Brooke Shields in front of 2,500 entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.  I asked her how she remained relevant over the years, while she has reinvented herself over and over again:  from model to actress to businesswoman, (last year she launched her successful clothing line for women).  She reminded me and the audience that it was a matter of continually moving forward.  Then, she described how it came down to being aware of who she was at the current point, and not being afraid to show that.  She practices self-reflection and uses that to learn about herself and the choices available to her. This allows her to take on goals that serve only her, not because it makes sense for someone else.

Cultivating self-awareness so that we can understand both our truest desires and the internal obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goals is always the first step in transforming into a better version of ourselves by reinvention.  I focus on exactly this type of holistic learning with my clients when defining and setting wealth goals with them.

If you don’t keep learning, you risk becoming irrelevant.

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