"I had recently heard about how great passive income can be and wanted to tap into it for myself but I had no idea where to start until Aysha showed me how. Before I worked with her, I just stayed put. I would set goals but never move onto accomplishing them. This was partly due to my worst fear - that I had no confidence, and that I wasn't cut out to be a business person.

All that changed when I started working with Aysha. She gave me the confidence and understanding to unlock the potential for success in myself (that I didn't believable I had). She taught me where to start looking in real estate, how to analyze a deal, and how to turn those opportunities into sustainable income.

Thank you so much Aysha, you are awesome! You took the 'hard' parts of real estate investing and broke them into manageable and relatable steps that I could follow. You are a wonderful mentor who lit up an unfamiliar path with inspiration, wisdom, and humor that gave me the courage to start walking it. I am very grateful."

JK Rosewood

Darien, CT, Grow Wealth Group Client

"Aysha's practical business advice and strategy was incredibly valuable. She helped to finally get my ideas out of my head and gave me structure to get organized; I now have a plan to move forward. I appreciate how she is so dedicated to making sure I succeed. No nonsense approach, yet sunny disposition."

Courtney Travin

Manhattan, NY, Grow Wealth Group Client

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